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土屋毅明 Takeaki Tsuchiya



1993年大学卒業後オリンピック出場を目指し渡英、1年間障碍飛越イギリス代表マルコム パイラー氏のもとで障碍飛越を学ぶ、その後総合馬術イギリス代表タイニー クラップハム氏のもとで総合馬術を本格的に始め、1996年アトランタ五輪ではチーム6位入賞を果たす。アトランタオリンピック後トレーナーより独立しイギリス国内に厩舎を構えヨーロッパの国際競技会に参戦しながら1998年ローマWEG、2000年シドニー五輪出場。主戦馬のRight On Timeの引退後競技選手を続けながら新馬の調教及び選手の指導を始める。指導した選手の中にはオリンピックに日本代表で出場した選手も含まれています。また新馬調教においてはロンドン五輪代表馬(怪我の為出場できず)を調教するなど多数の国際競技会レベルの馬を調教する。


Take Tsuchiya came to England in 1993, to pursue a riding career. He trained for one year at showjumper Malcolm Pyrah’s (Olympic showjumper, King George V cup winner and World cup final winner on several occaisions) yard in Leceistershire before moving to Tiny Clapham’s yard (Tiny was a member of the silver medal winning British Olympic eventing team in Los Angeles), where he stayed until the Atlanta Olympic Games. Here he met Natalie who he later married in 1998.

Take was a member of the Japanese International Eventing team from 1995 competing in many CCIs. These include the Atlanta Olympic Games where the team finished sixth, and Take recorded one of the fastest x country times of the day, the World Equestrian Games in Rome 1998, the European Championships where the team qualified for the Sydney Olympic Games and of course the Sydney Games.
After the retirement of his Olympic horse, Right on Time, Take rode many young and inexperienced horses for clients enjoying many successes at the lower levels and producing horses of his own to intermediate and advanced levels.
Take produced a talented horse called Jackabee.  Bought in 2005 as a recently backed 5 year old Take competed Jackabee up to CCI 3* level and helped the Japanese team qualify as a team for the London Olympics by beating the Australian team in a championship held at the Blenheim CCI.  Unfortunately Jackabee did not get to compete at the London Games due to sustaining a fractured pedal bone whilst displaying high spirits in the field!

Take no longer competes himself, but he is the official senior team coach for the Japanese eventing team and travels to Japan frequently to hold teaching clinics where he teaches clients of all abilities.

Take’s home and yard are near Stamford in Lincolnshire.

土屋ナタリー Natalie Tsuchiya



Natalie Tsuchiya was a working pupil with Richard Walker (British Olympic eventing team member in Barcelona) and later with Tiny Clapham. She is a BHSAI and also has a National Certificate in the management of horses. Natalie has decided to follow a dressage career and having trained several horses to advanced level she is able to help Take to produce the event horses.  Natalie has also helped several International event riders with their dressage phase.

Natalie is currently producing three talented young dressage horses and has training herself with WEG team silver medallist and European bronze medallist Gareth Hughes.